Toni Alimi

Jeffrey Stout Honorary Graduate Associate

Toni is an ethicist whose research and teaching span religious studies, philosophy, political theory, theology, law, and Late Antique culture. His dissertation, Slaves of God, provides a novel interpretation of Augustine’s political thought, focusing on the centrality of slavery to Augustine’s conceptions of citizenship, law, and religion. Three crucial figures in this tradition for Augustine are Cicero, Seneca, and Lactantius. He is working on a second project on the structure, ethics, and politics of covenants. This builds on his forthcoming article in the Journal of Religious Ethics, which argues that divine covenants can generate obligations irreducible to those that arise from divine commands. 

Before beginning doctoral work, Toni received the M.A.R. in Ethics from Yale Divinity School, and the A.B. in Religion from Princeton University.